A Guide to Making Sure a Hotel Likes a Convention

Hotels hate us. They really do. Why do they continue having us? It brings them money. But you can see the weariness grow on their face over the course of the weekend at a convention. I think hotels deserve respect; they deal with our butts and every stupid request we have. So here’s a few tips on how to be a GOOD visitor at a hotel, put together with help from the lovely and brilliant Feytaline.

  1. Wearing body paint? BRING SOME CLEANING SUPPLIES - That crap gets everywhere, and all over the shower. It’s not fair to make a maid who makes minimum wage clean up your paint mess. Bring some clorox and gloves and get busy — maybe you’ll respect the maids a little more.
  3. TIP TIP TIP. Tip your bellboy. Tip your maid. Tip your room service people. Even if it’s just a dollar or two, it’s something.
  4. Bring extra trashbags to clean up. I know in my room, we always run out of room in those tiny trash bags, and sunday I’m grabbing any little plastic bag I can to throw all the trash away. I’m going to start bringing my own bags
  5. Just because there’s a maid, doesn’t mean you don’t have to clean. Maids don’t get paid a whole lot. And if you’re in a hotel room, you SHOULD be an adult. It takes me about 15 minutes to clean up EVERYONE’S mess on Sunday. And I just tie up the garbage in bags and leave it neatly near the bathroom. I also pile dirty towels and such together.
  6. Don’t stuff your room. DONT STUFF YOUR ROOM. Guess what? This is against FIRE CODE. This is also ripping off the hotel, and it gives the convention a terrible reputation. Hotels actually go to convention forums and pages seeing who is room stuffing. I know multiple convention chairs who can confirm this. Don’t put more than 6 people in your room. That’s just crazy. And god forbid something happen, such as a fire or tornado (I’ve been at a con when a tornado hit and know of one other that has), if there were more people than there should be, it would risk people not having a place to go in an emergency.

A hotel room isn’t your bed room. I know we all get really excited about being away, and for some of us, this is our vacation. But in order to keep our conventions at hotels and centers than can hold such a huge number of us welcoming back, we have to act like adults. Imagine your FAVOURITE convention suddenly not having a hotel that will hold it.

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