How to NOT be a Creeper

I did a “tips for female cosplayers” a few months ago. So now I’m doing a “How to not be a creeper”. This applies to males and females. Because females can be just as creepy.

  1. Don’t freak out - A few years ago, I left my boyfriend for 10 minutes. When I came back, a young girl was on her hands and knees, pleading in front of him. Then she pulled him aside and asked if I was his girlfriend, and when he said yeah, she said, “She’s so lucky…”
    THIS IS CREEPY. You haven’t known the person for more than ten minutes. Don’t act like this. It makes everyone feel uncomfortable.
  2. Don’t TOUCH or HOVER-HAND in pictures - Never touch anyone without permission. If you want a picture, say, “Can I put my arm around you/hug you?” Nothing is weirder than finding pictures after a con only to see someone awkwardly hovering their hand around you.
  3. Don’t stalk people - Don’t follow them around. Don’t snipe ass shots. Don’t stare at them from across the room. This is creepy. Take your picture with permission, or talk to them. Staring is creepy.
  4. Don’t ask for too much personal information - Asking for a name? That’s fine. Asking for a phone number shortly after meeting someone? That’s kind of creepy. Unless someone offers it to you, you shouldn’t ask them. This also includes other personal information such as personal facebook pages, full names, social security numbers….. It should be pretty obvious what is and isn’t acceptable.
  5. If a person’s significant other grabs the hand, wraps their arm around, or becomes affectionate with the person, this means you are crossing the line - It’s a simple hint to say, “You need to back off” which I’ve seen ignored multiple times. It’s a nice way of saying, “I feel like you’re making a move on me, and I’m already taken.” Please take a hint. If someone is acting uncomfortable, then just leave them alone. I even have FRIENDS who I will reach out and cuddle with or something if I see they’re uncomfortable.
  6. No means no - If someone says you need to back off, back off. If someone is making excuses not to hang out with you, then they don’t want to hang out with you. Pro-tip: If I want to hang out with someone, I will make the effort. If I don’t, I will come up with any excuse I can, because I’m passive aggressive.
  7. Don’t insult someone if they aren’t interested in you - If someone doesn’t want to hang out with you, don’t pitch a fit. If someone doesn’t want to hook up with you, don’t call them a stuck up prude. I’ve seen these things happen a lot. Just because you want something, doesn’t mean the other person does. And they don’t deserve you being a big whiny baby over it just because they said no.
  8. DON’T GLOMP - This was big when I started going to cons. Apparently, it’s coming back. DON’T GLOMP PEOPLE. You not only risk hurting yourself and the target, you risk hurting other people in the area as well. It’s silly and stupid and there’s no point to it.
  9. Someone cosplaying your favourite character? Don’t tell them how much you’ve fapped to the character - This should be obvious. But apparently isn’t. Just because someone is dressed as a character, doesn’t mean they are the character. Just because you’ve rubbed one off over the character doesn’t mean the cosplayer wants to hear that.
  10. Want to compliment someone? Don’t focus on their “goods” - "You have the perfect boobs for this character" is never a compliment. Nor is, "Do you have a 6 pack just like this character?" If you want to compliment someone, focus on their craftsmanship. If you think someone is attractive, say, "Wow, you really bring this character to life.
  11. Don’t ask someone to sleep with you - Several years ago, I got a guy banned from a local convention. Why? He asked me multiple times to have a threesome with him. It’s NEVER okay just to ask someone to have sex with you, or to tell them that you want to have sex with them.

You should NEVER be making someone uncomfortable. We all go to cons to have a good time, not to feel like a piece of meat.

REMEMBER if anyone makes you feel uncomfortable or threatened, go to con security with their information and a description. If someone was with you when the incident happened, bring them as well to back you up. There is NO SHAME in reporting someone who has made you feel uncomfortable. Because you may be saving someone in the future.

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