I’ve recently seen the argument that people are slamming “bad cosplayers” by saying it’s constructive criticism. I just want to remind you all that the following is NOT constructive criticism:
"You’re too big for the character, and your costume doesn’t look good"

Now, first off, constructive criticism should never be on someone’s appearance.

Second, a good way to do constructive criticism is like a sandwich. Two positives and a HELPFUL negative. Here’s a good example:

"I really love how you posed for this character. It looks like you had a little trouble with the bias tape, here’s a tutorial that will help you next time you work with bias tape, and it’ll probably make things a lot easier. I’m really excited to see a cosplay of this character, your wig look awesome!"

SEE? It’s a happy little sandwich with ADVICE thrown in using a REFERENCE to help them.

All that being said, you should never give criticism when it isn’t asked for, or when the person hasn’t said, “This part was really hard”.

Sandwiches are delicious and make people happy.

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    THIS. I’ve had people say to me “Wow, that looks bad” or “Do you even know how to ____?”. I would so much appreciate it...
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    The only thing I disagree with is giving critique only when ask mainly because I think if one shows something publicly...
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