Becoming a good cosplayer doesn’t happen overnight, and those who call others bad cosplayers don’t realize the potential they’re crushing.

Here we have two photos of me. My second cosplay (the first one was so bad it doesn’t have ANY pictures of it) and one of my more recent cosplays. My first cosplay was of a cabbit gijinka (before the word gijinka was used)

You can’t tell how genuinely bad it was by the picture (lol crappy camera quality back then), but nothing was hemmed. The skirt wasn’t functional and barely fit. The top was too big, the ear parts were glued on (with elmers glue, mind you). I didn’t have a wig, and oh my goodness, look at my skater shoes.

I’ve come a long way from there. Through all the people telling me I sucked at cosplay, I kept going. Through people calling me ugly, I kept going. I worked and worked on my craftsmanship, and didn’t give up.

This is 7 years between pictures. It took me 7 years to get where I am, now. I didn’t pick up fabric and sew something amazing. I didn’t snap my fingers and have a beautiful outfit. I worked little by little.

With people spewing around hatred about cosplayers, they are destroying potential that others may have. You don’t start out as an awesome cosplayer, nor knowing everything

We all have to have time to learn and blossom in this craft. Remember, if someone is telling you that you suck at cosplay, take those words and work harder. Prove them wrong. Make yourself proud. Realize you do this for your enjoyment, no one else’s. And no one is going to take that away from you.

This has been a rare self-image post by NBC, just to prove that no one starts out as a good cosplayer.

(second photo by Swoz)

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