How to Avoid Con Dramaaaaaa

Everyone hates it. No one likes to watch it. But some people seem incapable of avoiding it. Here are some tips to avoid the DREADED con drama.

  1. Don’t post anything offensive on your social media sites - Thinking things in your head that aren’t so nice is something everyone does. But keep them in your head. Posting them or expressing negativity towards another cosplayer makes you look insanely jealous and hurts people.
  2. Someone has a problem with you? Confront them! - This is harder than it sounds; but if you feel or know you’ve offended someone, send them a message asking how you can fix the problem, explain that you’re sorry, and try to repair any broken ties. Sometimes people don’t want to forgive you; but you can at least try.
  3. Don’t act like you’re a special snowflake - Don’t post on convention pages about how popular you are, or how you’re a “cosplay model”. BE HUMBLE. No one likes people who toot their own horns. Looking for pictures after a con? Post once, then bump up that thread after a few days. Don’t keep posting over and over again.
  4. Take a break if it becomes too much - Take a break from cons for a little bit if you can’t avoid people being mean. They’ll find some other person to be pissed at during that time.
  5. Think about what you’re doing in public - Is it scandalous? Probably shouldn’t do it in front of a bunch of people, because things will spread like wild fire and eventually become completely untrue.
  6. Ignore the haters - Someone says you’re a bad cosplayer? Ignore it. Just like in number one, it makes THEM look jealous and reflects negatively on them when you remain quiet and composed.
  7. Follow the con rules - A lot of drama comes from people ignoring the rules put in place at the con and makes you look bad when you break those rules. A few years ago a guy posted about an 8 foot tall sword he was bringing, and was told multiple times that it went beyond the prop rules. He brought the prop to the con anyways, got in trouble with staff, and ended up starting a huge stink which made him look foolish.
  8. Don’t bash other fandoms - I’ve seen this one as well: Someone is upset there were 3 pony panels and no Getter Robo panels. Don’t go bashing the fandom, saying how they aren’t welcome. You’re just begging for drama.
  9. Have a problem with the convention? Post CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM - A convention can do nothing with “THIS CON SUCKS OMG I WONT COME BACK” but they can work with, “I didn’t have a very good time. The security staffers were rude, and I didn’t feel safe at the convention.” If you speak with respect towards others, in turn, you will be respected.
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