Never lie about making your cosplay

I have, over the years, ran into a handful of cosplayers who lie about their costumes. Most bought cosplays can be easily identified as bought, due to the materials.

At ohayocon, I encountered a cosplayer who automatically started bragging about how he made his costume. I’m not the person to say buying costumes is a bad thing, because it’s not. But lying about it is wrong.

It became more awkward at the public photoshoot for the series when there were 2 other people in the exact same costume. He continued bragging about how great his costume was, and how he had copied his design directly from looking at the ebay pictures. He said it had taken him 6 months to complete. Now, my costume took about 50 hours to complete. Even the cosplay that I made, which took over 100 hours, was over about a 2 month period.

I found this incredibly disrespectful to those in the group that DID make their costumes. I believe my group was the only ones at the shoot that made their costumes, and we didn’t go bragging about it, despite the amount of work we put into them.

If you buy your cosplay, that’s okay. But be honest about it. By lying about making something, you are not only embarrassing yourself, because, again, most vet cosplayers can see the difference, but you’re disrespecting others.

There is no shame in buying your cosplays. It’s pretty common now-a-days, and by my estimate, 1/2 of cosplayers buy their costumes. But don’t disrespect those who do take a lot of time to make their costumes by lying about it.

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    Checking the official rules of the contest is the most important thing, but personally I think that if the contest has...
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    So I’m the Head of Masquerade at AnimeUSA, the AV Head of AnimeNEXT and Masters Craftsmanship competitor so I thought...
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    Agreed! Whenever I purchase a costume I always give credit. Besides on places like da and tumblr when you post a link to...
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    Some cons (Zenkaikon, for instance) have rules where you can’t enter the contest unless X% of the outfit has been made...
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    Actually, that’s incredibly inaccurate. MANY cons allow bought cosplays into the competition; it’s not “rare” at all!...
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    To be fair, that’s probably why (in addition to financial issues) that con is now extinct. ^^;
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    Well… you’re both right, in a way. Some cosplay contests are about acting/characterisation/appearance and some are about...
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    WOW, bought costumes in contest? That’s just ridiculous. I’ve competed for 2 years in a row now at Ohayocon and my first...
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