We have all been there. Being called names, having people anonymously attack us, whispers behind our backs. What happens when these things come from your safe haven? Where you go to get away from everyday life where you and your hobbies aren’t accepted.

This is Jackie. A young girl who was bullied non-stop. Hate pages were created about her. She received anonymous messages of hate on her blogs. There were rumors spreading about her at her local conventions. Comments made behind her back, and people attacking her at conventions.

Jackie took her life on September 20th, at the age of 18, and the start of what should have been a long life. After crying out so many times, she still felt alone. After suffering so much for so long in a community she should have, as a fan, felt accepted in.

Why? Why did this happen? We are a community of people who were bullied through school. Who are different. Who are called strange or weird. So why, after so many of us have grown up being bullied, is this community so terrible about making fun of others?

You should never make a remark about someone else. You should never bully another person. Not in this community. Not where we should feel accepted. You should never tolerate seeing someone bullied, or hurt. If you are too shy to stand up against another who is hurting someone else, tell someone who can make a difference. Let me know, if you have no one to rely on, because I will not stand for this community to be filled with such hatred.

Jackie’s death was not suicide. It was murder. The people who bullied her are responsible for her death. And the worst part is, they have had no consequences to their actions to this poor young girl. Maybe they didn’t realize that words could hurt someone so much, I’m not sure.

Every thing you say to another person has an effect on them. Every nice thing will makes them feel good. Every bad thing will make them feel terrible or angry. Everything you do has consequences. And unfortunately, in this case, the consequence wasn’t on the people who said these things. The consequence was a young girl taking her own life.

From Jackie’s death, we should learn to watch what we say. You can never predict the outcome of what you say to someone, because you don’t know what other things someone is dealing with. One small comment about someone’s weight, race, or cosplay can be the last straw on the camel’s back.

Do you want someone to lose their battle because of one little thing you said?

This community needs to be filled with love and support, not hatred.

Rest In Peace, Jackie. You are a great loss to the cosplay community. Because of you, I will fight that much harder to make this a community where people feel safe and loved. Your struggle, and death, will not be in vain.

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    THIS.There was the Amanda Todd case, and now this. How many more people will have to die out of pure sadness for people...
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    Jackie’s death was not suicide. It was murder.
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    Rest in peace.
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