so is there a certain age you have to be at to cosplay? i started when i was 12 and im 13 now but i feel like i shouldnt do it until im atleast 16. when i go to conventions a lot of people take my pictures and i get loads of compliments but at home my family makes me feel like im jst wasting my time. i really like to cosplay but my parents just think all cosplayers are just poor and hungry college or high school kids that have way too much free time. i know that when it comes down to conventions we are all just nerds in cosplay, but my parents dont realize that its just a hobby.

cosplay is has helped me because it makes me feel useful and it has made me the tops of my sewing class for the last 3 years. its cheered me up when im down by getting me excited about stuff that would just be lame to regular people.

at conventions i feel like i belong but when i go home all my family do is criticize me and its no even good criticism. its the criticism that bad cosplay blogs give out to good cosplayers.

halloween is coming up and even though its illegal to go trick or treating at my age where i live, i cant help but get excited about making a halloween costume.

sorry for just going on and on but i justed needed to get someones opinion cause im still confused about if im wasting my time

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Anonymous said: can we ask you something in the submit if it has a link in it?


Please do not submit cosplays you have not made.

While I have nothing against bought cosplays, I would really like for followers to see how much fun and love can go into making a costume.

Thanks guys.

What are you guys working on this halloween? Show me what you’re working on! I know that cosplayers tend to go all-out on this holiday! I’ll be following the tag #NBCHalloween and reblogging from there!


Sometimes I post things meant for my personal blog on here.

Sorry. .__________________.

Also, sorry for being slow on updates. I’m running out of ideas for cosplay tips, and no one is submitting things. Plus I’ve been working on cosplays, so forgive me.

Oh, we have 400 followers! Woo! You guys are awesome.

For anybody who is looking for Homestuck cosplay help,here is a very good blog for helpĀ

Anonymous said: do you know any cosplay blogs that actually critique cosplays and say what they could do differently next time to make the cosplay better, compliment the good things they did, and give tips to new cosplayers? because all the bad cosplay blogs ive seen dont do that they just make fun of a cosplay but dont say why they think its bad and completely ignore how its good.

There was one for a short time, however, it’s no longer updated.
I’m very much against giving critique to someone who hasn’t asked for it, as are many others, so I dont go posting criticism without being asked.
That said, if anyone wants critique and constructive criticism, feel free to send me your work.

Anonymous said: i saw that one of the mods did a homestuck cosplay and im hoping to cosplay a homestuck troll in the new future but dont know how to do the horns like do you have to make them or what

I’m the only mod, and while I posted how to do Eridan’s pants, I don’t cosplay homestuck.
However, here is a tutorial for some horns;

If you don’t want to make them, there are plenty of homestuckers that do horn commissions.

Page still under construction, so bear with me.
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