I just want to remind everyone HOW IMPORTANT it is to bind properly. Ace Bandages, saran wrap, and duct tape are REALLY dangerous. Back when I first started cosplaying, I bruised my ribs from binding.
If you are flat chested, I’ve found that a combination of cut up pantyhose and sports bras work pretty well (cut up the legs of panty hose and layer them under a sports bra)
For larger chests, you can go to http://www.ftm.underworks.com/ and their prices are very reasonable, about the price of a wig for some of the styles.

Your health is far more important than being accurate in cosplay!

How to make/wear a Titan harness



Of course! I was meant to make a tutorial forever ago, so you got my arse into gear haha~ so here we go, a tutorial for making a Titan belt harness and how to put it on yourself vwv


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Anonymous asked: So like I'm wanting to cosplay Eren from Attack on Titan, but the harness thing for the 3D maneuver gear is literally giving me nightmares about making it. Do you know of a good tutorial on how to make one (that's hopefully fairly inexpensive)?

Here is one of the few tutorials I found. I’ll also be reblogging it for everyone else.
Two of three of the admins will also be making some SnK cosplays soon, as well, so we will probably try other techniques and make tutorials for them.

- Krissy

Anonymous asked: Do you know of any good tutorials on making a binder? I've tried a few, but they weren't working very well with my larger chest size. I've also tried layering sports bras, but again my Ds just don't co-operate.

Here’s a tutorial I found. http://ftmbinding.tripod.com/

BUT I would suggest getting an actual binder. They’re much safer and will last a lot longer. From the reviews I’ve read, this site has some of the best for a decent price:
The Double Front Compression Shirt (style 997) is the best for larger chests, and is only $29.99 for x-sm to x-lg and $36.99 for 2xl and 3xl, which isn’t bad if you crossplay often.

Anonymous asked: any advice with people with muffin tops?

Generally muffin top is from pants that are too tight. If you can, go up a pants size. Try not to wear belts unless you have to, and if you do, wear them loosely, or make them elastic.
Of course, there is always the eat healthy and working out thing.
If it’s a part that is covered, if you are comfortable doing so, and you are really insecure about your muffin top, you can always invest in shapewear.

Muffin top is completely natural, though, and even I, at a little over 100lbs get muffin top sometimes. Nothing to be ashamed of, and a lot of people actually like a little bit of muffin top.

- Krissy

Anonymous asked: So I am planning a Drow Cosplay. I told a few friends and was called a Racist! Drow are literally Black. Not like a PoC black but literally the color. How is this racist?

If it’s not a real race, it’s fine. Drow are like Dark Link and Anti Sora, they are meant to look like shadows. Not like African Americans.

Anonymous asked: I will be cosplaying as mikasa (attack on titan) for katsucon. Well, I like and always buy cosplay wigs at arda (since they ship faster and I dont trust ebay) and Im having a hard time deciding what style should I get for mikasa? I was thinking of getting the lulu style and adding extra wefts in to make it longer but I honestly dont know. Any suggestions???

I think if you got the Inigo and trimmed it, that would work well
Another option is Epic Cosplay (the favourite wig company of NBC) which has shipping that is just as fast at Arda, and free shipping.  The Aura style would work great for Mikasa. :3

Anonymous asked: I want to cosplay as Sebastian Michalis. But my I'm mixed and I have my father's 'black' nose and I'm kinda tan. My face is round so people think I'm mexican!!! Is there anything I can do to get a sharper nose and lighter skin complexion?!?!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ow1rdFOlxnk is a good informative on how to reshape your face using makeup. I do most of the shading makeup on my Eurasian cosplay partner, who has a round face. The most important place to get is the cheeks.
I would encourage you not to make your skin lighter; you will be fine using your darker skin. Skin tone isn’t very important when cosplaying.

Anonymous asked: i have a friend who says they want to quit cosplaying. they say that they're a bad cosplayer and that me and our other friends are better than them. do you think there's a way to reassure them? if so, how? they have so much fun when cosplaying.

No one starts out being awesome.
I can understand the frustrations of not feeling like you’re as good as your friends; I used to feel it all the time… Until I asked them to show me some tips, tricks, and skills, and learned how to make my own work better.
That, and I stopped caring if someone would make fun of me or not.

Nonetheless, when you quit cosplay, you don’t even give yourself a chance to become a great cosplayer. No cosplayer starts out great. It takes time and patience to learn.

Anonymous asked: Would it be a problem to paint yourself black? Like I want to do a Lord Monochromicorn cosplay but I'm worried it may offend people or cause issues. His character design is simple so I'd really like to try bodypaint, but I really don't want to cause a fuss. I've seen other people do it, like Dark Link, but what is your opinion? Because true black isn't really a totally natural color, so would it still be offensive? I would never ever want people to think I'm ridiculing them, cuz I wouldn't!

General rule of thumb: If it isn’t meant to portray a race, you’re fine (ie, homestuck trolls, dark link, etc)

Page still under construction, so bear with me.
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